Daniel Meadows is a Kentucky-based Personal Chef and Nutrition Specialist focusing on fresh foods for busy people.

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Daniel Meadows

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Daniel Meadows

I am a self-taught chef with an associate degree in Culinary Arts. Since my childhood, I have had a keen interest in assisting my mother in preparing elaborate feasts for the family. That is when I discovered my undisputed passion for cooking. I incorporate my love for food with consciousness for healthy living. My motto is to assist clients in eating nutritiously and living life to the fullest.

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1995 – 2015

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2015 – 2019

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2019 – 2020

Associate Degree, culinary Arts
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2019 – Present

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As A Personal Chef, It is my passion and deepast goal to provide wholesome, delicious meals to my clients while educating them how to plan and prepare a nutritious, balanced meal.

The strategic plan for aims to further the following organizational vision:

To bridge the gap in the education of consumer food consumption from farm to the table.To provide delicious Comfort food with fresh ingredients to maximize flavors, and necessary nutrients in each meal, and promote good health. Meal planning, catering events, and chef consultancy are some of the services cravestreet.com will provide. People with special diets, senior citizens, or anyone who simply needs cravestreet.com to Provide healthier food options with the taste of home. Each recipe can be modified to fit any situation, creating your own menu is also a very great option.


A Personal chef’s mission is to bring families back to the table by providing helpful and entertaing services to dietary specifics and plate driven clients.

The mission of is to we provide the ultimate comfort food options, with a very dynamic menu, completely customizable, easy to change menus or create your own menu for maximum satisfaction. . 

About Crave Street

Crave Street

Crave Street is an online community that provides service and consultation related to meals, meal planning, proper diet, chefs, nearest location for chefs, and catering services.It is the ultimate solution for all types of kitchens and cooking-related problems and hassles people face each day due to their schedules.

Crave Street has a fantastic option for consultancy about meal planning. Through this session, it provides a consultation session with experts to the customers. Customers need to book a consultancy before the session. During the session, customers can talk to experts about everything related to meal planning.

Meal planning is a must to maintain a healthy diet and fit physique. Because of an unhealthy diet, people suffer from several diseases. Also, they feel drowsy, nauseous, tired because of eating unhealthily. That is why crave street has vowed to provide meal planning services to people who book a consultancy session with the customers. In these sessions, customers can talk directly to the meal planners. Thus, experts get to know about comfort food, the favorite food of the customers. In this way, they help them to prepare a perfect meal plan that serves their taste.

Furthermore, suppose customers have any allergic issues or health deficiencies. In that case, its best meal planning service can help them develop a meal plan consisting of their special diets. Again, this consultation session is entirely available online. That is why customers don't need to move anywhere from their cozy, comfortable homes. Again, customers can choose their appointment according to their preferable times and schedules. Compared to other consultancy communities, crave street is the best online meal planning service ever because of its dedication to customer comfort.

Crave Street provides the facility to hire a personal chef or private chef, catering chef or event chef and more. It ensures affordable chef service to the people who come to get service from them. Their head chef, Daniel Meadows, a Kentucky-based chef, and nutrition specialist, is determined to ensure the best quality foods for busy people. He is undoubtedly an affordable chef; because he cares for people more than his benefits. He is ready to get hired as a personal chef to ensure the quality of food for the people personally. If you are looking for a “personal chef near me” or “private chef near me," you should consider craving street because it provides the best customer service.

Crave street's website also has a catering service and event chef service. People can make any event delightful with the amazing, delicious, well-managed catering service provided by craving street. It has a mouth-watering, appetizing menu uploaded on the website. People can choose the items that suit their taste buds.

Business and Team Summary

The primary business of consists of the following:

To provide services for comfort food, catering chef, personal chef, event chef, private chef, meal preparation, meal planning, meal planner, meal planning service, online meal planning service, chef consultancy, nutrition specialist

The core team members of are as follows:

  • Daniel Meadows
  • Owner/Operator
  • AOS Degree (Associates in Occupational Studies)
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations
  • Managers Certification in Food Safety (Servesafe)
  • Alcohol Handlers Certifications


  • Convenient for customers on the go.
  • Affordable for everyone


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